Most clients and therapists assume that meeting once weekly for a 50-minute hour is the appropriate “dosage” for psychotherapy. In my experience, this assumption is too simplistic. One size does not fit all situations, and for many clients this may be less than ideal.  One of my Intensives may be an excellent treatment option if you experience recurrent destructive life patterns, such as:
  • An inability to tolerate closeness in relationships
  • Addiction
  • Difficulty with affect regulation
  • Inability to tolerate feelings
  • Chronic unhappiness
  • Longstanding emotional pain or grief
  • Intense states of anxiety and panic
  • Dissociation
  • Anger and rage out of proportion to the current situation
  • Chronic shame
Intensives are a highly effective and recommended alternative and/or addition to traditional weekly therapy, offering a fundamentally different quality of therapeutic experience in terms of depth, breadth and rate of progress. Rather than focus on “events of the week”, Intensives are designed to empower you to explore and process in depth your thoughts, feelings and relationships to effect lasting change. There is considerable evidence that this condensed and highly focused format to address relationship and trauma issues, allows for profound results in a shorter time-span, meaning you’ll progress much more rapidly than if you attended months of once weekly therapy sessions. Intensives can also create a more intimate and trusting relationship between client and therapist, providing a rich opportunity to examine and heal painful relational patterns that were forged during the vulnerable years of childhood. 
The decision to participate in (more) intensive treatment is often made during an acute crisis, after a crisis has been resolved, or to complement more traditional psychotherapy. Please contact me to discuss if an Intensive would best accommodate your treatment goals. I invite you to learn more below about the Intensives I currently offer.


This is not a three-day cure. But there is hope. Although the exact content of your Intensive is tailored to your specific needs, we focus on the following four primary areas:
  • The tools necessary to stop all sexually compulsive behavior
  • The partner’s trauma as a result of the betrayal 
  • How the addict can be a part of his partner’s healing process
  • A foundation upon which trust can be rebuilt in the relationship
If you are interested in restoring your marriage/partnership, complete the Three-Day Intensive application (below) or contact me via the form below for more information.
I also offer Intensives for Couples who are further in the recovery process and need concentrated support in connecting with each other, and the rebuilding of trust and intimacy. Additionally, I facilitate Intensives that are more or less than three days, as appropriate to the circumstances.


Beyond Betrayal: Healing the Heart for Partners is designed to support a partner in any stage of her recovery, from discovery and shock to repair and growth. This is a unique opportunity to process relational trauma, learn regulatory processes for managing symptoms, work with family of origin history and its contribution to current stress, define clear boundaries, strengthen feeling and need recognition, and formulate a personalized aftercare plan. Complete the Intensive Application below or contact me via the form below for more information.  
I also offer Beyond Betrayal: Healing the Heart small-group Intensives for partners that are limited to four women for individualized care and group interaction.  For specific dates or additional information, I invite you to give me a call today or fill out the contact form below and click Send. 


Reclaiming Wholeness: Trauma-Care Intensiveinclude a thorough trauma assessment, clarification of treatment goals, and implementation of various interventions for lasting change. This Intensive is also appropriate for addicts in any stage of the recovery process. I utilize EMDR extensively, in addition to Internal Family Systems, mindfulness practices, compassionate inquiry, art, Post-Induction Therapy and The Murray Method. After participating in an Intensive, clients report feeling tangible shifts in their bodily-based states, having greater access to Self (and self care), and hope for a preferred future. Complete the Intensive Application below or contact me via the form below for more information.  
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